Whenever someone watches TOD through a pirate website, illegal IPTV supplier, or hacked set top box, they are stealing. Just like stealing from a shop, TV piracy is wrong. It stops TOD from supplying the high quality TV you want to watch, forces up prices and robs people of their jobs.

But not only that, did you know you are taking a big risk when you watch TV illegally?

TV pirates can make huge amounts of money. To do this, they operate outside the law. They hide their true identities, use criminal networks to hack channels, and launder money. They can also steal credit card numbers and personal information and infect computers with viruses and malware. Sometimes they may even use the proceeds from piracy to commit other crimes. You really don’t know who you are dealing with when you watch TV illegally.

In the end, TV piracy hurts everybody.

Help TOD fight TV piracy. Report any illegal activity, site, app, or unauthorized broadcast.